About Us

Who We Are

Cuvée Connections is a Land Use Planning and Public Relations company assisting Landowners, Businesses, and Organizations to achieve highest and best use of their land.  

 We have the ability to navigate through the complexities of governmental regulations, permit entitlements, and resource management, and the practical knowledge of running a business, leading teams, and land stewardship. Our success is built on the relationships we have cultivated as a longtime community member and advocate for our rural communities and working landscapes. 

What We Do

We work one-on-one with our clients to develop and execute their vision whether in obtaining permit entitlements, addressing legislation and government affairs, or in outreach and education.  Relying on our experience, leadership skills, and longstanding relationships, we create distinctive solutions, which turn our client’s dreams into their reality. 


Whether you are a longtime farming enterprise, landowner, business owner, community member, trade organization, or just moved to the country to experience the rural lifestyle, getting the most value out of your land, investment, and ambition is important to your bottom line, legacy, and imprint in the community.  We are here to help you connect with your vision for success!

Why Us?

Land Use is what we do and Public Relations is at the heart of it.  Cuvée Connections is owned and operated by Lisa Bodrogi.  You will get the benefit of a 30-year career in land use, public policy, and community advocacy. We have your best interest at heart and always want the very best for our clients.  We value your success, which in turn, benefits the community and world we live in.

 Owning real estate or operating a business is a hallmark of success, identity, and community. Anyone who owns property, grows an agricultural product, owns a business, or is a part of a community organization can benefit from our services.  

Why We Do What We Do

We proudly contributed in connecting our clients to tell their story in this Video of Northern Santa Barbara County Agriculture.