Why California Farmers should think Truffles!

Thank you for your interest in Truffles!

We are excited to share with you what we have been exploring, learning, and experiencing in the world of truffles.  We have been busy planting truffle trees, attending workshops, conducting dog hunts, and marketing fresh truffles and truffle products!  We're anxious to share what we've been up and invite you to join us on our journey into the world of truffles!

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Truffles Are Popping!

We are so excited for our good friend Stacie O'Toole aka the Truffle Huntress, who has harvested her first truffles of the season.  She purchased an older truffle orchard of hazelnut trees and has successfully brought the orchard back into production.  

We had a lovely visit with Stacie earlier this year at her beautiful estate in Northern California.  Stacie is a true success and hard working woman in agriculture!

Meet Truffles!

Our Truffle Hunting Dog

Well, maybe not quite yet, but we plan to train her to be a Truffle Hunter!  She is a Mini American Shepard.  We welcome her to our family!

Taking a Nap

Standing Guard of her Truffle Orchard