Land Use Assessments


It is important to understand Land Use Laws and Regulations affecting your property before you buy or begin hiring expensive Architects, Engineers, and the other Consultants.  We offer confidential and thorough Land Use Assessments to help guide your development decisions.  Whether zoning, policy, environmental, or neighborhood issues, we can give you an accurate assessment of your property's characteristics.  

Permit Navigation


We offer time and cost effective permit navigation representing your project as the agent for application submittals and review by multiple government agencies.  We are the frontline point of contact in discussions and negotiations with local, state, and federal agencies.  We professionally represent our clients in all public meetings including Planning Commissions, Boards of Supervisors, City Councils, Advisory Committees and Community Groups.

Project Management


We coordinate the work efforts of other hired team members including Architects, Engineers, and specialized consultants by managing project schedules and timelines.  In turn, we collaborate with you to facilitate and guide your project through the land use decision-making process. Our objective is to give you the best possible professional advice, provide you with reasonable alternatives, and weigh the likely outcome associated with various decisions.

Government Affairs


We represent organizational interests by providing legislative analysis, talking points, and public testimony to government agencies on behalf of their membership.  We keep memberships apprised of regulatory compliance, public policy changes, and zoning implementation that may affect their business and/or organizational practices.  We gladly provide professional representation on various boards and committees.

Public Relations


Public Relations is at the heart of what we do.  Our range of services include:  written publications, talking points, media coverage, speaking engagements, audience participation, social media, presentations, workshops, etc.  The relationships we have cultivated with leaders locally and throughout the state influence our public relation successes by connecting our clients with the right people who can expand their vision.

Outreach and Education


We enjoy connecting people with people and ideas through community outreach tours, educational forums, and panel discussions to develop positive working relationships.  We particularly enjoy bringing people into the field for hands on demonstrations and interaction with those who manage and steward our working landscapes.  We use a dynamic approach of engagement to inspire public outreach and education.